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Open source applications are a better way to implement solutions within a short span of time, however open source solutions may not be suited to every business need. The team at Orias Technologies helps in open source customization of different products to suit your needs by creating/designing templates, adding custom modules or changing the core functionality in the product.

We help you by identifying, customizing and implementing the right open source product/tool for your requirement, considering the number of options available in the world of open source.

Our strength lies in extending Open Source Customization services on various products to suit our client's requirement. Below is a list of tools we have implemented or customized.


WordPress is an Open Source publishing system built on PHP and MySQL. Wordpress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool and is completely customizable. It is in full compliance with W3C standards and allows you to manage non-blog easily. Changes made to templates are reflected immediately on the site without rebuilding the pages.

The expert Orias Technologies team will assist customers in building and managing the blog and non-blog content. Links are established to create, maintain and update any number of blogrolls through an administrative interface. Managing multiple themes, spam protection to manage and eliminate comment spam, built-in user registration system allows users to register and maintain profiles and leave comments, password protected posts, easy installation and upgrades are adeptly handled per needs of the customers.

Orias Technologies has expertise in using WordPress for easy importing, supporting XML-ROC interface, work-flow management, converting ASCII into typographically correct XHTML, intelligent text formatting, multiple authors for different levels of privileges with regard to publishing, editing options and Bookmarklets to publish or add links to your blogs.